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Umbrellas & Shade

We have spent numerous hours on countless properties perusing the best solutions to properly shade seating areas, lounges and dining areas.  Over the last 20 years we have fabricated umbrellas and shade structures for inside swimming pools, grilling and kitchen areas, railing and wall mounts and many other unique situations.  In New England some areas receive virtually constant 15-30 knot winds and other areas receive near hurricane force winds several times per year.  Each site is viewed for function; ease of use, and stylistically to form the best options. We consistently challenge ourselves and the products available to adapt and find new solutions to shade.  Often, the best solutions are simple tweaks… and other times it requires some more creativity.

“I don't design clothes, I design dreams.” -Ralph Lauren


“When I first saw a Santa Barbara Umbrella I was at a client’s house in 1995 that overlooked a tidal river draining out into Pleasant Bay.  The steps led to a square, weathered, platform dock perched in the river. The dock was completely empty except for a beautiful octagonal umbrella mounted in the center that perfectly shaded the space at mid-day.  It wasn’t just the unusually large size and serene placement that was so striking, it was the obvious quality.  From inside a house slightly above I could tell the quality of the sewing.  The panels fell like drapery, all perfectly even.  The mahogany pole though weathered, looked like it belonged outside.  My client told me when he lived in California the son of a local furniture store owner had made him the umbrella in his garage years earlier and he thought he was still in business.  Despite calling California on a cell phone in 1995 being an expensive proposition - I was in touch with the company before I left his driveway.  Years later the owner and I traveled to see the teak grown and harvested and both businesses’ enjoyed making and selling what I consider the best umbrella made, “The Santa Barbara Umbrella”. 

One solution we strongly recommend is to view these umbrellas online and if possible on display in our showroom. They are simply beautiful.  Individually signed and numbered.  We would like to share our knowledge of how versatile these umbrellas cam be in both traditional and more contemporary spaces. Our team often couples our own custom base fabrication with the umbrellas offering a multitude of shade possibilities.  As the New England show room we handle all shipping, white glove delivery in our trucks, COM requests, and offer an orientation with each umbrella sold in New England.  Nearly every Santa Barbara umbrella we have sold since 1995 is still being used today.

If you are a trade professional interested in more information regarding The Santa Barbara Umbrella please follow the link below or contact us in our showroom.

Chatham Refinishing Showroom stocks dozens of quality umbrellas from several manufacturers that emphasize quality. Our repair department can fix virtually any umbrella by any manufacturer but every part is carried in stock for the brands we display making repairs fast and often able to be carried out on site. Custom umbrellas are our specialty and any umbrella can be combined with our custom bases or mounting systems. 

Other umbrellas we recommend….

  • Fiberbuilt Umbrellas for their industry leading fiberglass “flexible” rib systems. www.fiberbuiltumbrellas.com
  • Bambrella provides a sustainably grown bamboo alternative to regular wood umbrellas. Tremendously strong and flexible they can be easily serviced and are cost effective handsome umbrellas.  www.bambrella.com
  • Tuuci is an industry leader innovating durable umbrellas in multiple styles with a nautical feel. There products have won numerous industry awards. www.tuuci.com
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